About the Permit

The Commuter Shuttle Program allows shuttle operators to stop in certain designated Muni stops or exclusive white zones in exchange for paying a fee and following a set of rules and regulations. Shuttle operators must apply for a permit to participate in the Commuter Shuttle Program. Permits must be renewed each year. Permit renewal takes place at a set time each year, so a shuttle operator that joins the program mid-year will be required to renew during the general renewal period. For more information on verification documentation, program fees, permit terms, and whether or not you should apply to the program, expand the subsections below.

Who should apply?

Permit Terms

Permit Fee

Any invoices sent by the SFMTA are due and payable within 30 days of invoice date. Late payment will be subject to interest and penalties. The SFMTA does not reimburse any shuttle permit or fees for any reason. Shuttle service operators who participated in the Commuter Shuttle Pilot Program are required to pay all outstanding fees, penalties and outstanding citations before they are eligible for the issuance of a continuing permit by the SFMTA.

Permit fees cover various costs to the SFMTA, including, but not limited to: development and monitoring of the zone network; enforcement; capital improvements to the zone network and along shuttle corridors; signage and placard design, production and installation; development of data management systems; permit processing and renewals; day to day oversight and administration; communications with shuttle operators and community members; and billing, collection and payment processing.